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Welcome to Dance Off Challenge

This is an exciting time to be a performer. As the boundaries of dance are being pushed further and further, a new generation of dancer has emerged; and with it, the need for a new concept in dance competitions. Dance Off Challenge has been developed to extend students in our constantly changing world of performance. We are committed to providing a positive and rewarding environment where performers can flourish and nurture their passion for dance.


Dance Off – Troupe Challenge

The team spirit of dance is alive, greater than ever, and our aim is to encourage this continuing trend and provide a platform for students to develop and grow as performers. Dance Off Troupe Challenge is a troupe only competition that brings together performers in an exciting dance event. Set in a spacious theatre with two levels of performance, ‘recreational’ and ‘experienced’, Dance Off Troupe Challenge will provide entertainment for everyone in a friendly and fun environment. To find out more about our exciting new competitions, please click on INFO.

Dance Off Troupe Challenge 13th - 14th July 2019
Entries close May 2019
Besen Centre - Vic

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