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Dance Off Audition Challenge Rules


  • Dancers must be 10yrs old on 1st January of this year to be eligible to enter.
  • Age groupings will be allocated based on entries received.
  • Any dancer deriving income from professional dance engagements is not eligible to enter.
  • Registrations must be received by the due date.
  • Entries will not be added to the schedule until full payment has been received.
  • No refunds will be made.
  • Entry fees may be paid via PayPal or Credit Card Payments.
  • Places are limited and entries will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.


  • Dancers must register in the foyer 15 minutes before the commencement of their session and provide emergency contact numbers for the day.
  • Performer numbers will be allocated at the registration desk and competitors will be sent back stage to warm up. (15 minutes warm up time is allocated at the commencement of each session).
  • Parents may drop off and pick up from the foyer area. Dancers will be supervised at all times whilst within the building. Dance Off Challenge will not be held responsible for supervision of dancers if they leave the theatre/foyer area.
  • There will be no audience for the audition section of the competition.  Parents/viewers will be allowed free entry into the auditorium for the awards presentation at the end of each session.
  • Late comers will only be allowed to compete if they arrive no later than 15 minutes after the commencement time of their session. Any late competitors are responsible for their own warm up before joining in with the group. No allowances will be made for choreography missed.
  • No refunds will be granted for non attendance or anyone arriving later than the cut off period.

Competition Procedures

  • Eliminations will be conducted once a reasonable amount of time has been spent teaching the choreography.
  • Dancers enter the competition with the understanding that they will be required to perform the choreography either in groups or independently throughout the course of the competition.
  • Once eliminated, each candidate will be encouraged to remain side stage to view the remainder of the session.
  • Good sportsmanlike behaviour is expected at all times and any performer who fails to conduct themselves in this manner, will be disqualified and their participation medal will be withdrawn.
  • All dancers will be invited onto the stage at the end of the competition for the announcement of awards and for the distribution of participation medals. Audience will be allowed in for presentations
  • Crit sheets will be available for collection from the foyer at the end of the session.

Dance Off Troupe Challenge Rules


  • Must be received by the due date.
  • All performers must pay a once off registration fee of $10 per head to be eligible to perform in any troupe/troupes.
  • No refunds will be made for performers/troupes who are unable to attend.
  • Entries will not be added to the schedule until full payment has been received.
  • Entry fees may be paid via cheque, money order, PayPal or bank transfer.
  • Dishonour fees for bounced cheques will be charged back to the studio.
  • Places are limited and entries will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. DOC reserves the right to bring forward the closing date if oversubscribed. Money will be returned or refunded in this instance.
  • Minimum no. of entrants per troupe is five (5).

Age Categories

  • 6 years & under
  • 8 years & under
  • 10 years & under
  • 12 years & under
  • 14 years & under
  • 16 years & under
  • Open Age

Age is calculated from 1st January.

DOC uses Age Averaging for the Troupe Challenge Competition. To calculate the correct age category for your troupe, add up all of the ages of the troupe members as at 1st January for the current year. Divide the total by the number of performers in the troupe. If the number has a decimal point, this needs to be rounded off (Rules for rounding off are; 1, 2, 3, 4 - round down; 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 - round up).
For example: If the average age is 12.4 yrs (troupe should be rounded down to 12 yrs & under). If the average age is 12.8 yrs (troupe should be rounded up to 13 yrs so will enter 14 yrs & under).
Note: An age restriction will apply limiting the oldest troupe participant from performing in an age category lower than one below their actual age. 
e.g. Average troupe age is 14 but one troupe member is 18, then the troupe must perform in the 16 years & under category.
Age Averaging has been introduced to benefit teachers by keeping competition teams together when 1 or 2 performers are just over the age limit.  Any abuse of this system (including entering younger performers who do not complete at least 60% of the dance, in order to bring the age category down) will result in disqualification.
DOC reserves the right to combine age categories or performance categories depending on entries received.

Performance Levels

  • There will be 2 levels of performance available for the following age categories:
    12 years & under, 14 years & under, 16 years & under (with the exception of Hip Hop)
    Recreational: Represents a troupe consisting of dancers who all train for less than 3 hours per week in their overall dance education.
    Experienced: Represents a troupe that has one or more dancers who train for more than 3 hours per week in their overall dance education.
  • Individual troupe items that have previously won 1st place in other competitions, prior to the closing date of Dance Off Troupe Challenge, must be entered into the Experienced Troupe section.
  • DOC reserves the right to move a troupe up to a higher Performance Level if their standard is deemed higher than the level registered in.
  • Recreational sections will only run if enough entries are received.

Time Limits

  • The maximum time limit for each troupe is 5 minutes.
  • Curtains will not be used. Stage lights will be dimmed for entrances and exits.
  • Items exceeding the time limit will have points deducted.


  • There will be a panel of 2 judges.
  • Judges will be assessing on the following criteria:













Entertainment Value



  • Both judges will score individually and points will be added together for a combined total out of 200.
  • The judges’ decision will be final.
  • No written or verbal communication may be made with the judges.
  • Judging will be announced at the end of each morning, afternoon or evening session.
  • Prizes and participation awards will be presented at the Awards Ceremony held at the end of each session (morning, afternoon & evening). Performers must be on stage to receive their participation award.
  • Score sheets may be collected from the Music Desk side stage at the end of each session.


  • All troupe items will be allocated a unique, consecutive number that relates to the running of the whole day. Numbers will not be repeated for different sections. e.g. 1st section may have competitors 1-8, 2nd section competitors 9-15, last section of the day competitors 85-92.
  • Program Running orders will be emailed prior to the event, advising item numbers and session times.
  • Music check-in will commence ½ hour prior to the start of each session, at the Stage Manager's music desk. All music may be lodged at one time.
  • Teachers must ensure that each troupe’s music is lodged at least 2 sections prior to their performance
  • No music will be accepted once a section has started.
  • Music will be accepted on a CD (one track per CD) that is clearly marked with the school name, item name and number. All music must be cut to the right length. An alternate back up version of the music must be readily available side stage with the troupe supervisor.
  • Music will be accepted on ipods or ipads if each item has been placed in its own playlist with the Item No and Name in the Playlist Title. Ipods must be labelled with the school name and contact number.
  • Music can be collected at the end of each section, from the Stage Manager's music desk, side stage.
  • Session times will commence as scheduled. DOC cannot be held responsible for troupes arriving late or not lodging music on time.
  • A supervising teacher/parent from the school must be positioned at the stage manager’s desk (prompt corner) whilst a troupe is on stage. The supervisor will need to advise the stage manager of entrances and exits and call any specific lighting requirements.
  • In the event of faulty music, the supervisor will need to decide if music should be turned off and if the troupe should continue dancing without music. Alternatively the troupe can have one more attempt to perform with a back up copy of the music (if it is available without delay), at the end of the section, without disqualification. If the music is still faulty, then the troupe will have the option to continue dancing or leave the stage. If no supervisor is present, then DOC reserves the right to make a decision on behalf of the troupe.

General Rules

  • It is agreed upon entering Dance Off Troupe Challenge that participants, including students, parents, teachers and other spectators, will not hold Dance off Challenge or its directors, employees, or host facilities liable for injuries sustained, illnesses contracted by them or loss of property while in attendance and/or participating in any activity related to this event.
  • DOC reserves the right to combine or divide any sections depending on the number of entries received.
  • Costuming, choreography and themes must be appropriate for family viewing. Points will be deducted for any item not deemed appropriate.
  • Teachers should ensure that choreographic content follows safe dance practices and is appropriate and achievable for the age of the performers.
  • Competing troupes must perform in the order scheduled by the competition, unless special permission is requested by the stage manager.
  • Any protests may only be initiated by a Studio Director/Teacher and must be submitted in writing to the organising staff within 30 minutes of the incident involved.
  • Good sportsmanlike behaviour is expected from all performers, parents and the general audience at all times and any performer who fails to conduct themselves in this manner will be disqualified.
  • The use of flash photography, cameras, video or DVD recording devices are strictly prohibited during the competition.
  • DOC reserves the right to alter the program running order at any time.
  • DOC will not be held responsible for the placement or removal of props or the collection of props/property left behind at the end of the competition.
  • Any props should be set up and assembled on the stage in less than 30 seconds. Props should be stored in the loading bay until one item prior to use.
  • No smoking is permitted in the auditorium, foyer and backstage areas.
  • Mobile phones must be switched off when in the auditorium or backstage.
  • No food or drinks are to be brought into the auditorium.
  • No alcoholic beverages may be consumed by competitors at any time throughout the competition.


  • To ensure safety, DOC requests that choreographic content does not allow dancers to be physically placed more than 2 metres off the ground.
  • No naked flames, lighted candles, fresh fruit and vegetables or glass may be used on stage.
  • No liquids, gels, aerosols, glitter or other substance that could affect the dance surface of the stage may be used.
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